Metaverse in Indian Health Sector – A Regime Shift


  • Sudhansh Sharma
  • Venu Gopal



Metaverse, India, AIIMS, Health care, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality(AR), Internet of Things(IoT), Virtual Reality (VR).


For a considerable amount of time, India’s healthcare system has been struggling against a variety of challenges,
such as a shortage of institutions and human resources that fall short of being appropriate. Primary, secondary,
and tertiary care services were the three categories that comprised the Indian healthcare system’s hierarchical
structure, and there is an immediate need to concentrate on primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of medical
treatment. Despite the fact that there are various challenges in the healthcare system, but primarily the attention
is required to the following five “As”: Awareness, Access, Absence, Affordability and Accountability of our
healthcare system, because of these five issues people’s health in India is at stake. We must prepare the healthcare
system for a future that is both full of potential and full of unknown challenges, so let’s be conscious for this and
other problems and get ready to handle them, remembering that the fight against illness is the struggle against
anything that is harmful for humanity[1,2].
In healthcare, the Metaverse is becoming increasingly popular. A wide range of technologies are projected to
revolutionise healthcare, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things(IoT),
Virtual Reality (VR), Quantum Computing, and robotic systems. The advancements in augmented reality and
virtual reality over the last few years have been astonishing. With the use of these devices, doctors are now able
to perform complex procedures with great precision. In order to improve the functionality of medical devices and
equipment, these components are also included into software and hardware [3].
The performed work relates to the study of the contribution of Metaverse in the health sector of India.

Author Biographies

  • Sudhansh Sharma

    Assistant Professor, School of Computers and Information Sciences (SOCIS), IGNOU, Delhi

  • Venu Gopal

    Co-Founder Bootstart Biz Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Advisor-Turning Ideas Ventures, Co-Founder/Partner Pratyaksh Medicare LLP