Designation of Macrocyclic Sulfazan and Triazan as Innovated Compounds with Their Estimation in Nano-Activities by the Scanning Microscope


  • Nagham Mahmood Aljamali



Cyclic Sulfazan, Triazan, Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), Imine, Schiff base, Azo, Aldamine, Anil, Sulfazan.


Sulfazan and Triazan Compounds were created for the first time as a class of organic chemistry in 2019 globally
for the first time, then developed by researcher Dr. Nagham Aljamali in April 2021, while same researcher
created and invented Sulfazan compounds as a nano-compounds, anti-bio compounds .,and since the references
are few on Sulfazan, so we have prepared a many of them and studied their applications in various fields to enrich
this topic with references. A numeral of practical spectroscopic studies have been used to exhibit their chemical
structures which provided strong evidences of their chemical structures through various technical devices like
(FT IR-Spectra, 1H.NMR-Spectra, Mass-Spectra)., Melting points, other studies exemplified by evolution them
as a Nano-compounds by Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM).

Author Biography

  • Nagham Mahmood Aljamali

    Professor, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry Field, Iraq