COVID-19 and IPL: Impact on Indian Economy in 2020


  • Durgansh Sharma
  • Vaibhava Sharma



COVID-19, IPL, T-20, GDP, SIR Model.


Worldwide activities have come to a halt with an unprecedented and highly infectious novel corona virus
“COVID-19”. This pandemic has pervaded each and every economic platform of 210 countries and put mankind
on its knees. India is known for its sportsman spirit in the field of cricket worldwide. IPL with T-20 format has
made an oceanwave of a contribution to the Indian economy. This research work is to establish a relationship
between brand valuations of IPL year wise, since 2014, with the Indian economy. COVID-19 has already downturned
economies worldwide, whereas going by the prediction of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India
still has a hope to establish a GDP growth rate of 1.9% in 2020-21. This research work is to correlate the impact
of IPL-2020 towards positive GDP of India—even if it gets rescheduled later in the year, after this pandemic is
over—by using the predictions based on the SIR model.

Author Biographies

  • Durgansh Sharma

    Associate Professor, School of Business and Management, Christ University, Delhi-NCR

  • Vaibhava Sharma

    Sr. Accounts Executive, NLB Services