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The International Journal of convergence in healthcare is a double blind ,peer-reviewed , open-access journal which is published biannually focusing on original clinical and preclinical research, systemic and perspective reviews, meta-analysis, pilot studies and case reports, every paper accepted by peers has been completed with a complete technical edit to make it highly accessible to the international medical community. The journal is of special interest to the authors of countries where the first language is not English.The journal has been assigned ISSN 2583-2107 (Online Version).

This journal is covering a broad variety of latest findings on applied medical information technology, biomedical information technology, medicinal computing technology, patient health information systems, dental IT, health history, Post covid healthcare management, computational biology, Intelligent healthcare systems, robotic automation healthcare, cyber physical systems in healthcare, disruptive technologies for future in healthcare, Electroceuticals in healthcare, knowledge centre hospital, mental health information systems, and a ground breaking forum that allows authors to access their work.

International Journal of convergence in healthcare is the best open access publication to publish, in the form of original papers, summary papers, case reports, brief correspondence etc., most extensive and accurate source of discovery and innovative advances in this area, and to offer researchers unrestricted, unlimited access to it, without limitations or any further subscriptions.

The peer reviewed Journal is skilfully sponsored by influential members of the Advisory Board. A single blind peer review process is being carried out by the professional editorial committee of healthcare medical information technology publications of order to ensure consistency.

The article will be distributed and publicly available under a creative Commons License, after the technical edit questions have been addressed to the Journal's satisfaction. Symposiums, summaries of academic, pre-clinical or therapeutic data sets on a particular issue are welcome to be released as supplements.

The journal is fortunate to be able to edit and publish products and to ensure that the papers are scrutinised carefully to prevent mistakes in text, spacing, illustration, typography and style.

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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023): The International Journal of convergence in healthcare
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